Blade NFT Sales On Going!

Blade NFT is on going now!

BladeWarrior,the best metaverse&Play 2 Earn project on OKExChain,do you wanna get one for yourself?

Players need to buy hero and weapon NFT to pay and earn in the game, Currently we have 3 genesis heroes and weapons, player can combine and upgrade by using different weapons. All heroes and weapons are divided into 3 levels, high level weapons have more powerful ,which means, more efficiently to earn token in game.

Blade NFT is gonna launch on Aug 20,12 pm UTC,at

Here’s detailed information about NFT sales.

  1. Limited NFT will be distributed in 3 rounds. Price increases on each round, Here’s the price in detail.

2.Genesis NFT sold on official web has additional 1%~20% property.

3.One hero can take 2 weapons for now.

Users can use USDT to buy Genesis NFT, besides, there’re treasure chest for you to open. You can get $999~1999 top NFT with minimum 100 blade if lucky enough!

Here’s more information about Treasure Chest.

  1. There’re 3 types of treasure chest.

*price may change depends on Blade and Che rate.

2.Each treasure chest has chance to get the top NFT(including heroes and weapons), Only Ordinary Treasure Chest has miss rate.

3.NFT marketplace will lauch after NFT sale ends. We’re cooperating with Okex&SOTA&Cherry marketplace, users can trade every OEC NFT marketplace when they get online. More cooperation will be announced soon.

About Blade

Here’s some latest information about Blade:

1.About Blade:

BladeWarrior ,the 1st metaverse and Plan 2 Earn project in OkexChain.Team members From senior 3A game company ,aim to build Blade universe in cross-chain game. The unique tokenomic and special battle mode between different hero and weapons will attract most people join the game and play to win. Now blade is one of the highest quality game in BlockChain, and we have reached strategic cooperation with Ok&Cherryswap, and get white list in TokenPocket and MathWallet.

You can buy our token on cherryswap(listed in CMC already):

This is our trade volume for recently 7 days(Total $3,268,754)

2. Web:

We’ve released completely new web, our game team spent much time on hand drawing some unique scenes and created Blade heroes and weapons. Game NFT is gonna launch soon, Please do check at

3. Social Media and community:

Our community grows quickly . Now our twitter and telegram have more than 11,000+ followers ,and 50,000+ DAU of our web. We have active and strong community, followers retweet&like our post for 13,000+ times. Please check :




Retweet by more than 13,000 followers:

4. Partners

We’ve reached strategic cooperation with CherrySwap and MySwap, the top DEXs on OkexChain. And get whitelisted and recommended by these partners:

• OkexChain

• TokenPocket

• MathWallet

• CherrySwap

• MySwap

Please check information below:

Strategic Cooperation 1:

Strategic Cooperation 2:

To learn more about Blade, please visit our official communication channels






Thanks again for supporting Blade!



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