The coming IDO on CosoSwap launchpad(04/10)

Blade Game
1 min readApr 9, 2022

We’re glad to annouce that CosoSwap is gonna to list Blade Game on CosoSwap Launchpad on April 10th 2022 and will open USDT subscription channel.

First Round:

Participation Rules:Lock COSO NFT

NFT Launchpad Time:10th April 18:00–20:00(UTC+8)

Per user hard cap=20 NFT

NFT Launchpad supply:2000 NFT

NFT Price:200 USDT=200 BLADE

Second Round:

Participation Rules:White list

NFT Launchpad Time:10th April 20:00–22:00(UTC+8)

Each address can only purchase 1 NFT

NFT Launchpad supply:500 NFT

NFT Price:200 USDT=200 BLADE

Project Information:

Token:Blade Warrior(BLADE)

Smart contract:0x26380930191673eA8D3887BeE116d2e9996D048B

Project introduction:Blade Warrior is an immersive, fantasy, play-to-earn NFT blockchain game.






CosoSwap Introduction:

COSOSWAP is a one-stop DEX that integrates smart aggregation transaction, multiple chain transaction, NFT transaction, smart contract guarantee order book transaction and NFT Launchpad.

NFT Launchpad is the core function of COSOSWAP, which features a protection mechanism for users. NFT Launchpad conducts asset issuance in a fair and participatory manner. After the end of NFT Launchpad, the platform will apply the user asset protection mechanism, and users can redeem 90%.