Tutorial of Blade Warrior, the top masterpiece of blockchain game (I)

The long-awaited game Blade has started public beta! You can participate in public beta on this website https://beta.blade.game/. Three of epic heroes will be shown on the launch interface once you enter the game. You can also find the game version in the upper right corner which is already updated to V 0.8.3. That is to say, nearly 80 versions have been updated in just three weeks of testing! The rapid update speed proves Blizzard Entertainment’s 3A production team’s reputation.

01. Role selection

After entering the game, there is an interface for selecting heroes. Although it is an sRPG game, this selection interface has 3D hero effects, which are almost lifelike in appearance.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. For all the heros under the current address, the #, in the end, represents the NFT code, such as DAN#2346 (I heard that there will be a paid renaming function later, which is worth looking forward to) . LV.1 under hero name represents its level, different hero colors represent different hero powers. At present, the most powerful ones in purple are all epic heroes; the bottom two are the custom heroes, One is designed for OEC and the other is designed for CherrySwap.

2. Power represents the combat power of this hero. The higher the combat power, the more efficiently you can earn from playing. Blade’s play-to-earn efficiency is proportional to the combat power.

3. Hero quality , the current three quality are Common/Super Rare/Epic.

4. Hero elements. There are 5 elements in the current game. Heroes and monsters have their exclusive elements, which further provide the game’s playability. The elements restrain each other, but we will have to wait for the game to open for the beta to see how the element restrain works.

5. Special Move, game performance is the advantage of Blade, heroes, and bosses in the game have their very cool special Move.

In summary, we can see the Blade team is very strong in-game production through the current customized heroes.

The OEC heroine has a western style, thick lips, D Cup, and strong long legs with an overall color of blue. The OEC logo is hidden in the hero. But the hero’s scepter is decomposed from the OEC logo and the gem in the hero’s chest is also an OEC LOGO decomposition.

Relatively speaking, the Cherry heroine has a more oriental style. I think this is also the most beautiful and 3D design among all heroes. The lifelike skin, the slender long legs, the abs, and Victoria’s Secret style wings, are the favorite among all Blade players.

It is said that the Cherry Logo on the Cherry heroine has been revised 8 times to pursue perfection. This also shows the Blade team’s strong design skills and high standards for aesthetics.

02. The main interface of the game

After entering the game, the main interface of the game, Mainland, will be in front of your eyes. The interface looks very beautiful. I can say this appearance defeats 99% of the chain games. Now let’s look at different parts of the interface one by one.

Please refer to the number of icons on the game interface to correspond to the content introduced below.

1. Hero information: The upper left corner shows the hero, including hero name, level, energy(100/100 full), current power (Power). You can change to other heroes by clicking on the hero icon.

2. Title system: It is linked to the number of battles. The more battles you fight, the higher the title you have. It is said that many missions, airdrops, and tasks are related to titles. In short, a higher title is always better for you.

3. In the upper right corner of the interface, are the numbers of $EGG and $Blade. It should be noted that the numbers are based on the address, that is to say, the EGG and Blade played by all the roles under the address are added up and displayed here.

4. Package system, all equipment under the hero, including pet boxes, gems, and other equipment are shown here. The number of equipment is also based on address.

5. Hero information. The current hero’s combat power composition, including level, attack, hit, defense value, element information, etc. are shown here.

6. Weapon information. You can switch between different types of weapons. Epic heroes have their exclusive weapons. Weapons also have elemental attributes, which means when heroes are equipped with their exclusive weapons, their attack power is higher than when they use other weapons.

7. Pet system. This is a very unique feature, which I will introduce in later posts.

8. Mini-games(APATE’s Bet): This system is also the highlight of Blade where players can pledge Blade to flop cards and get rewards. The highest reward seems to be 256 times of the Blade you pledged.

9. Wonderland: This feature is the biggest highlight of the Blade system, which reflects the strength of the Blade ecosystem. In near future, all the tokens dropped here are from Blade’s partners, which means you can get tokens from different chains in Wonderland.

10. Combat system: There are 12 monsters on each map, and the last monster on each map is the BOSS which has the strongest combat power and the highest profit.

(To be continued)



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