Tutorial of Blade Warrior, the top masterpiece of blockchain game (II)

Blade Game
9 min readNov 16, 2021

In this article, we will introduce Blade Warrior’s combat system.

Before we start, let’s talk about the basic formula of plan-to-earn profit. Profit = hero combat power + monster combat power(which you defeated). In other words, the higher the hero combat power and the higher the level of defeated monsters, the greater the profit.

1. Overall setting

1) Economic Cycle

Buy Blade on NFT -> PVE/PVP/task/lottery/… get EGG -> open pet box -> get petsà -> transaction/mining/decompose to monetize

2) Combat system:

  • It is an automatic battle setting. Players don’t need to operate manually. Before each battle, the battle result and dropped equipment will be calculated in real-time on the chain.
  • Each hero has a rage value, and will release a special move and bash according to the rage value; Bash will be released when rage value turns to 1 (when the hero is attacked by the opponent 1 time). The special move will be released when the rage value is 2 (when the hero is attacked by the opponent 2 times) The special move of the third-level heroes are quite impressive, and many mini-bosses can be killed at once.
  • Only BOSS-level monsters have attack animation, such as ice and snow, shaking, etc. Which are very impressive.
  • Only if you win can you get rewards, not if you fail.
  • The battle drop value fluctuates randomly within a certain range. For example, a certain monster’s benchmark profit is 1000 EGGs. But if the player is very lucky, it could be 1500 EGGs.

3) Map: Free maps and Wonderland (ecological maps) are currently available. In the free map, 10 energy points are deducted for each battle, and 10 points for weapon endurance are deducted. Energy won’t be deducted when you are in Wonderland, but an entry fee will be applied later. So, during the public beta, you can battle 15 times each day (10 rounds in free map and 5 rounds in WonderLand).

4) Hero system:

  • Heroes are equipped with up to two weapons for battle. Low-level heroes can take high-level weapons, and epic heroes can also take low-level weapons. There is no limit, but epic heroes have exclusive weapons (such as BladeLord’s broadsword, Cherry’s bows and arrows, and OEC Wizard’s scepter) ). You can get a bonus in battle with these exclusive weapons.
  • Heroes, weapons, and monsters all have element attributes, and the elements restrain each other. Players can explore the specific rules in the game.
  • 100 points of energy are allocated to each player per day. Each weapon has initially 100 points of endurance and will recover at around 12:00 UTC every day (there could be some delay, but usually no more than half an hour).
  • In the character panel, you can see the player’s character level, attributes, ATK, DEF, and HIT, etc., which constitute the hero’s combat power.
  • You can gain experience via defeating monsters to upgrade and increase the combat power of heroes. Note, some maps require high-level heroes to enter.

5) Pet system: including pet synthesis, decomposition, stake mining, and other functions based on the address. In other words, all the pets under the player’s address will be displayed together.

6) Package system: The equipments (gems, cards, etc.) and eggs from the pet boxes will be here, based on the address.

7) Mini-games: There is a card game at this moment, and there will be more interesting functions superimposed here. The blade production team can complete new functions in a few days with its strong production ability.

8) Equipment system: Gems and other equipment will be used to strengthen equipment later when this system is available.

2. Battle and profit calculation:

I’ll first elaborate on what most concerns everyone:

1) How to battle?

Choose your hero and weapon, click on the monster’s icon to enter the battle preparation. The system will prompt the winning rate according to the hero’s power and the monster’s power. Then, click “Start” to pay for the Gas and start the battle.

Test sample 1: Tier one hero with two tier one weapons, with a full combat power of 300, and a cost of 117U.

i) Free map:

Combat 1: Monster level is 1, combat power is 111, got 39 EGG;

Combat 2: Monster level is 7, combat power 211, got 50 EGG;

Combat 3: Monster level is 11, combat power 332, got 61 EGG;

Combat 10: Monster level is 15, failure to kill monsters due to leapfrogging, there is no profit;

ii) WonderLand

Combat 1: Monster level is 8, combat power is 202, got 173 EGG;

Combat 2: Monster level is 17, combat power 349, got 192 EGG;

Combat 3: Monster level is 21, combat power 448, got 219 EGG;

Combat revenue is 400% higher than free maps.

Test sample 2: Tier 3 heroes with two Tier 3 weapons, with a full combat power of around 1700, cost 2997U:

i) Free map:

Combat 1: Monster level 11, combat power 332, got 168 EGG;

Combat 2: Monster level 21, combat power 988, got 805 EGG;

Combat 3: Monster level 31, combat power 2010, got 2149 EGG;

Combat 10: Monster level 36, failure to kill monsters due to leapfrogging, there is no profit.

ii) WonderLand

Combat 1: Monster level is 26, combat power is 684, got 671EGG;

Combat 2: Monster level is 30, combat power 966, got 3738 EGG;

Combat 3: Monster level is 32, combat power 1696, got 6299 EGG;

The profit is 2 to 5 times higher than the free map.

In other words, try to fight the highest level monster that you can defeat, especially those in Wonderland where the profit is the highest.

After calculating, the return period for free map is about 30–40 days. But with WonderLand, the return period will be shortened by nearly half, and it will become 15–20 days.

3. Map

1) Free map

Currently Blade Warrior is on the OEC. When you enters the main interface, you can see the OEC continent. The current regular map has three types of monsters, namely normal, advanced and legendary monsters, which can be unlocked according to hero level. The highest level monster in each map is BOSS, which is much more powerful than other monsters. You can also get more rewards defeating these BOSSes. Monsters in free map are at level 1–12, monsters in advanced map are at level 13–24, and monsters in legendary map are at level 25–36 monsters. EGG, experience and tickets will drop when you defeat monsters. EGG is used to synthesize pets, and tickets are used to enter the mini games.

2) WonderLand (Ecological Map)

There are currently 5 monsters in Wonderland, which will be refreshed the next day after defeated. The profit of WonderLand is much higher than that of the free map. The tokens of our partners will be dropped here in the future, which is binge-worthy very for all players.

4. pet system

1) Overall setting

The current pets are divided into 6 qualities: white, green, blue, purple, gold, and red.

Pets above blue-level have a value and a growth cycle. Red pets have a value of 1000 Blade and a growth cycle is10 days.

The initial growth value of the pet is 10%, and the subsequent growth is 9% every day; Thus, if the pet is decomposed immediately after you obtain it, the pet will disappear, and the player can get 10% of the value of the Blade. If the pet is not decomposed immediately, the daily growth value will increase by 9%. If you decompose the pet after the growth is complete, 100% value of the Blade can be obtained.

2) The overall interface

On the left are all the pets owned by the player, which have been divided according to their level, which is very considerate.

3) Pet call

The process is: Use EGG to buy pet boxes-> Open pet boxes and get pets (the ratio of EGG to pet box is 150:1 in public beta). Up to 20 pet boxes can be opened at once, and there is a chance to get gold and red pets.

4) Pet synthesis

Synthesis consumes low-quality pets and Blades. The pet synthesis ratio is 5:1, which is to say, 5 low-quality pets with several Blades can synthesize into a higher quality pet.

Five “+” icons will appear when you click on a pet of a certain color. Then you should select 5 pets of low quality for synthesis (for example, 5 blue pets are required if you want a purple pet). Failure is probable when you synthesis, so there will be a prompt on the interface to indicate the probability of success.

5) Pet decomposition

Click on a pet above blue-level, the Decompose button will appear. After clicking it, it will prompt how many Blades can be obtained by decomposing the pet.

6) Pet stake mining

Click on the pet, a window will pop up, and the pet can be added to the mining grid. At most 9 pets can be mined at the same time. At the beginning, the mining APR is still very high. Of course, the higher the pet level, the higher the mining profit. It is recommended that you synthesize more advanced pets.

5. Mini games

1) Card Game

Players will drop tickets during the daily battles, and they can play once [m1] by collecting 3 tickets. There are a variety of bets and high multipliers, up to 128 times! Test optimization is currently underway, and I believe it will bring a wave of enthusiasm upon the official launch.

I heard that not only cards, but more mini-games are in preparation, the scalability of this mini-game section will be very strong.

6. DeFi

DeFi is under testing, but more than 80% of the function has been completed. After the launch, players can use NFT mining, stake mining, LP mining, and other functions. Once the DeFi function is launched, the number of users will increase greatly

7. summary

After a few days of testing, I feel that the Blade game is high playable. Due to the following reasons:

Firstly, unlike most of the chain games that are just pictures, this is a large-scale expandable game. And I heard that Blade has already received funds from a US investment institution, and the institution is about to enter the game.

Secondly, the selling pressure is low, thanks to the good economic model. Through the establishment of the EGG and pet system, the life cycle of the game is effectively prolonged. But at the same time, the cost-recovery time will not be too long (it is controlled at 15~ 35 days according to the player’s investment).

Thirdly, Blade has a powerful ecosystem and basically, Blade has connections all over the entire OEC.

Moreover, the game has an impressive production ability, such as the animation and the battle effects are very gorgeous.

Good economic model + overseas institutional support + complete ecosystem + strong production team + exquisite game animation. We have every reason to believe that Blade will be very popular once the game is launched!